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Interview with Alberto Andreu: Transparency as the key to manage risk & build trust

ElcaMedia recently caught up with Alberto Andreu, Head of CSR & Reputation for Telefónica, to find out more about his company’s journey… “So the more transparent you are, and the more trusted you are, the more confident you are – the better risk manager you are. For sure. And this is extremely clear”. – Telefónica […]

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The European Digital Agenda targets are challenging, but achievable

The European Digital Agenda (EDA) targets are challenging, but achievable by the telecom companies through a mix of technologies, according the report presented yesterday in Brussels “Policy orientations to reach the EDA targets“, elaborated by Analysys Mason. So, for 2020, the 30Mbit/s coverage target throughout the EU will be at hand, while widespread consumer subscriptions […]

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